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Artists That Move the Needle

At A recent Marvel Comics retailer summit, Axel Alonso of Marvel claimed that there were fewer artist that impact comic book sales than writers. While I can see where he is coming from, as I will very often follow a writer from book to book or publisher to publisher, I think
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Great Cover: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Universe #8

Every once in a while a cover comes along that just kicks ass. And this cover by Freddie E. Williams II is one such cover. You see at one point, due to massive injuries suffered at the hands of Bebop and Rocksteady, Donatello was transferred out of his own body into Metalhead.
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17 Days of Power Rangers Starts NOW!

I can’t be the only one watching the seventeen hour Power Ranger Marathon of all 23 completed seasons on Twitch? Right?   —UPDATE— About 15 minutes in something went sideways and we are back watching the countdown. Here’s hoping the good people at Twitch can fix it! Please direct
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New Ducktales Trailer!

Guys, guys, GUYS! There’s a new Ducktales trailer! I am so excited for this show! Summer can’t get here soon enough!
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The Long Discworld: The Color of Magic

I am embarking on a mighty and noble quest. That’s right I am endeavoring to read the Discworld series by Terry Pratchett front to back. This no small feat. Pratchett wrote forty one books about the many different characters on Discworld. Using this infographic as a guide, I will set
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